Female WWII Marine Veteran Finally Gets Her Wish

Tillie Medvid joined the United States Corps during WWII as a young woman. However, she had never been able to attend the annual Marine Corps Ball. At age 94, that was finally about to change.

Female Marines back then made it possible for more male Marines to go to the front lines. This Honoree at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Ball was stationed in San Francisco after boot camp where she learned to repair radios for ships. Before the war was out, she had risen to the rank of Corporal.

When asked why she joined the Marines, her response was, “because it’s the toughest.”

At 94 years of age in 2015, this Marine’s love for the Corps was evident. It was her dream to attend the ball before she died. Watch the amazing video below to see Marine Tillie Madvid attend her first Marine Ball and the fitting reception she got there from her fellow Marines.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine — and she’s absolutely a Marine through and through. Semper Fi, sister. Ooorah!

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