This Is Such A Touching, True Story About The Morning Of September 11th…

“Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve.” — President George W. Bush

Though it has been 17 years since the attack on the World Trade Center, the memories of that day are still with us. For some, they will never disappear.

The StoryCorps organization interviewed John Vigiano Sr. about September 11th. John Sr. is a retired New York City firefighter. His son, John Jr. became a firefighter too while his other son, Joe, became a detective.

Source: StoryCorps
This short animation reminds us why it’s so important to let our friends and family know they are loved, before it’s too late.

He one told his son Joe, when he was a teenager considering joining the police, “Joe, you’re only 17 years old!” But Joe replied, “No big deal.”

Before long, he finished his training and joined the force in East New York, the same district where his father served as an officer years earlier.

John Jr., had other aspirations.

“He was gonna make a million dollars and take care of his mother and father,” John Sr. told NPR.

Source: StoryCorps/YouTube
John Jr. was a firefighter, too, and Joe was a police detective.

Source: StoryCorps/Youtube
On September 11, 2001, both Vigiano brothers responded to the call from the World Trade Center.

John Sr. recounts the story of the last conversation he had with both of his sons on the morning of our nation’s biggest tragedy, reminding us to tell our families that we love them; we never know when we’ll get another chance…

“We had the boys for — John for 36 years, Joe for 34 years, ironically. Badge number 3436,” he says. I don’t have any could’ve, should’ve or would’ves. I wouldn’t have changed anything. It’s not many people that the last words they said to their son or daughter was ‘I love you.'”

This story is as beautiful as it is haunting…

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