The United States Navy’s 7th Fleet

This video is awesome in its scope. You will get a clear idea of how complex, sophisticated, and versatile the United States Navy’s 7th Fleet is. Its sheer size and diversity are stunning.

Photo: YouTube/USA Patriotism!

When you hear bits of news about 7th Fleet operations in the Western Pacific or a ship or two showing the flag in contentious waters, you only get a small picture of what this 7th Fleet is responsible for and the multiple and varied kinds of missions it carries out, both in maintaining security in that part of the world, with the help of its allied maritime nations, and in helping in times of natural disaster over an area that covers several million square miles.

Photo: YouTube/USA Patriotism!

The size, the scope and the range of responsibilities that the 7th Fleet maintains are mind-boggling. As you watch and listen to this, I think you will get a very clear sense of how monumental in size and scope this one element of the United States Navy is. Its various units operate in a range of environments from air, to sea, to land operations and include Navy pilots, sailors, warships, submarines, and supply units, as well as providing platforms for operations carried out by Navy Seals, Seabees, and Marines.

Photo: YouTube/USA Patriotism!

The size of the 7th Fleet is enormous. Its area of responsibilities and the range of its capabilities are immensely complex and sophisticated. The speed with which its multi-faceted capabilities can be brought to bear is stunning as well.

Sit back and be prepared to be awe-struck by this video.

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