Photo Of 6-Year-Old Saluting Navy In Texas Airport Goes Viral: ‘They Protect Us, Daddy’

At a young age, many of us learned to respect the military for the sacrifices they make to protect our country. One example of gratitude was shown by a 6-year-old boy in a photo that went viral online.

While he and his family waited for his father to arrive in the San Antonio International Airport in Texas, 6-year-old Jace Vega noticed a group of Navy service members arriving. Jace quickly took it upon himself to stand up and saluted the men as they passed.

His mother, Priscilla Pinales-Vega, proudly posted the photo on social media and became a viral sensation overnight, garnering thousands of reactions.

Photo: Facebook / @News 4 San Antonio

Many people were blown away by the fact that a boy as young as Jace would do such a respectful act:

Photo: Facebook / @News 4 San Antonio
Photo: Facebook / @News 4 San Antonio
Photo: Facebook / @News 4 San Antonio

His mother and father wanted to teach their children to respect our military at a young age by taking them to museums. They even took their children to bring local policemen pizza after the tragic 2016 ambush on Dallas police that left five officers dead and nine wounded.

Jace was asked to list who his “heroes” in his life were, voting for their dad and superheroes: “I said that real superheroes put their lives on the line for total strangers,” Vega told Yahoo Lifestyle. “They’re willing to live thousands of miles away in the desert or on the sea without seeing their loved ones for a long time.”

When Vega asked Jace why he saluted the service members, the boy answered, “Because they protect us and keep us safe.”

Photo: Yahoo

Although his son saluted the Navy with the wrong hand, his dad is extremely proud of their son: “The photo shows innocence. He paid tribute to our country the only way he knew how.”

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