An Up-Close Look At The Veterans Charities This Site Has Been Supporting.

The Veterans Site’s mission to Americans is to raise money for veterans across the country. We do this through our free “click-to-give” website as well as through direct donations. But what many don’t see is the actual impact of the money we raise. The Veterans Site, as a part of the GreaterGood Network of websites, has contributed to more than $40 million donated to charities since 1999. We’ve done a lot of good and, to celebrate passing the $40 million mark, we’d like to show you how your contributions —whether you’re a first-time reader or a long-time donator— have truly helped to make the world a better place.

Here’s what has been done in the last year with your help …


Sending Actual Care Packages To Deployed Troops

  • Operation Support Our Troops: $70,480 in donations for 2015
  • Impact: 28,192 deployed troops received care packages.

The Veterans Site has partnered with Operation Support Our Troops (OSOT) to ensure that our deployed servicemembers never feel forgotten. OSOT started as a grassroots program to send gifts to those serving in the Middle East. The organization has now blossomed into one of the largest volunteer-based military support organizations in the country. Each box that OSOT ships has enough goodies for up to ten people.

“The knowledge that citizens of our great Nation are thinking of us makes our mission that much easier to bear.” — Lt. Col. Ke, Kuwait.

Thanks to your donations, OSOT is able to send over 5,000 care packages each year; over 1,000,000 pounds of goodies since the organization started.

unpacking box 1

Providing Veterans With A Job And A Sense Of Purpose

  • Team Rubicon: $2,250 in donations for 2015
  • Impact: 9 weeks of disaster relief and employment for veterans.

The Veterans site is dedicated to ensuring that veterans have something to return to when they finish their deployment. Many veterans return from tours to find themselves without a job. Adjusting to the chaos of civilian life can sometimes be a jilting experience. We’ve partnered with Team Rubicon, an organization that has found a solution these issues. They give veterans both a job and a way to transition themselves into America’s workforce.

Team Rubicon offers veterans a chance to work and gain experience by fighting natural disasters. They do this by utilizingskills that veterans already have to help provide relief during these unpredictable events. Immediately after an area is struck by a natural disaster, Team Rubicon sends in skilled veterans to help provide aid and assistance.

“Team Rubicon’s primary mission is to provide disaster relief between the moment a disaster happens and the point at which conventional aid organizations respond. This “gap” is the crucial window following a disaster when victims have traditionally been without outside aid.”

Team Rubicon has leant support during natural disasters such as:

  • The earthquake in Haiti (2010)
  • Tornadoes in Missouri (2011)
  • “Superstorm” Sandy (2012)
  • Tornadoes in Mississippi (2015)

Team Rubicon is able to provide crucial support through their Clay Hunt Fellowship. Your donations have gone directly towards funding this fellowship. The fellowship offers veterans a stipend, management training, and additional leadership skills through Team Rubicon’s network, skills that they can apply to the civilian workforce.

The donations that we’ve collected through the Veterans Site have helped provide relief during natural disaster as well as provided veterans with meaningful employment. Your donations have helped Team Rubicon grow to host over 30,000 volunteers (many of whom are veterans) within its ten-region database.

You can still provide veterans with the stability of a meaningful job.

With your help, we’ve raised over $40 million dollars to charities across the world. But there is still more that needs to be done. There are still veterans sleeping on the streets; there are still troops returning home without jobs; there are still ways we need to support our troops. Take a moment out of your day and think about what $40 million dollars in charitable donations has done. And think about what $40 million more could do.

Now that you’ve seen what a donation can do, make a contribution of your own today.

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