Famous Faces Raise Veteran Suicide Awareness with the 22-Pushup Challenge

One veteran suicide is too many and in the United States we’re faced with a staggering 22 veterans taking their own lives every day.

It’s nearly overwhelming. There is hope, though. With more support for innovative programs and access to resources that can help these vets heal, we can bring that number down.

The 22-pushup Challenge started with the suicide awareness group #22KILL. There isn’t a fundraising goal in mind like other challenges, simply an issue that needs to be shared as much as possible: veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment.

The more awareness we can draw to veteran suicides, the better. And with a new movement of movie stars and famous athletes taking the 22-pushup challenge, there are plenty more people learning about the dire needs of military veterans with PTSD. Here are ten of our favorite recent #22pushupchallenge moments:

10. Scott Eastwood

9. Chris Evans

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