2 Little Girls Welcome Home Their Military Dad

Watch these two small ones prepare and wait at the airport to welcome their daddy home.

This will tug at your heart for all of its innocence, and pure unadulterated love.

They are so young you can see that they are overpowered with the unspeakable mystery of welcoming this man back home, a young man who has been away for a great part of their lives.

There is nothing sweeter to a soldier than coming home to his family. Being able to hug and kiss those you love after being physically away from them for many, many months is something that few could put into words.

When you come back from war, you know the meaning of home and of family in ways that those who have never had that experience can ever know.

We love seeing stories like this all the time and we will continue to see them again and again because they are a beautiful sign of true humanity.

This wife is surely a truly humble and loving woman too.

This Is Beautiful!

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